Homeowners often encounter various roofing problems during the winter season. This article lists some of them. Read on to learn how to have them fixed.

Snow Damage

When winter comes, homeowners should be wary of heavy snow that can accumulate on their roof and result in serious damage. The weight of the load may not be supported by the house’s foundations and cause the roof to collapse. When this happens, calling experts to request professional roof repair is the only way to have the problem fixed immediately.

There are ways to prevent snow damage. First is to remove the snow from the roof manually with a shovel. Homeowners who will try this solution should be wary of the dangers that it poses. The roof may be slippery and unsafe to climb to during the winter. Also, shoveling can potentially damage the shingles and cause them to get peeled off.

Another solution to try is using rock salt or calcium chloride, which can effectively melt the snow and cause it to slide down the drain. The downside, however, is that rock salt and calcium chloride can accelerate the corrosion of the metal parts of the roof. The best way to prevent snow damage is still to leave it to the experts. They have the tools and skills to get rid of the snow from your roof without damaging it.

Ice Dam

An ice dam forms on the lower edge of the roof. It clogs the gutter and prevents melted snow from draining properly. When that happens, the meltwater that gets stuck in the roof will eventually leak into the house. It can decay the wooden frames and corrode the metal parts of the roof.

Aside from causing leaks, an ice dam can also result in structural damage. The weight of the ice dam and the water and snow that are stuck on the roof can reach up to several hundred pounds. So, if it is not removed immediately, it can cause the roof to collapse. It is advisable to call professionals who specialize in dealing with winter roofing problems. They can help fix your roof for you.


Roof condensation happens when moisture is formed as the cold air from the outside blends with the warmth inside the house. The moisture that is created slowly seeps into the crevices in the roofs and reaches the wooden frames, metal parts, and other surrounding areas. If left unchecked, it can lead to decay and corrosion. It can also cause insect infestation, which only worsens the problem. Contact a roof repair expert immediately to have the problem solved.

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