About Us

The Strander Team

At Strander Roofing & Seamless Gutters, we believe that each and every customer is important. Every member of our team is an important and valued member dedicated to working together to achieve the best service possible for you. From the moment you first contact us until the job is complete, we work hard to ensure you are happy, satisfied, and informed every step of the way.

What To Expect

The Strander team works hard every day to ensure you love your new roofing, ventilation, insulation, gutters, downspouts, or siding.

When you call Strander Roofing you can expect:

  • A no-cost, no-pressure visit to the project site to prepare an estimate
  • Thorough pre-project inspection with documentation and photographs when needed
  • Consultation about special plants and shrubs to pay attention to
  • Protection of work-area landscaping, walkways, and relevant home areas
  • A clean and organized work site throughout the project
  • Complete post-project cleanup, including magnetic nail pickup

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Strander Goes Green

Strander Roofing and Seamless Gutters are doing our part to protect the environment by recycling your old roofing materials. On average, Strander Roofing recycles over 1 Million pounds of shingles every single year! In the past, we used to take these materials to landfills. Now working in partnership with local businesses, we take our re-roofing, vinyl siding, galvanized/aluminum, and any other construction debris that can be recycled to two area sites. They sell the shingles brought in by companies like ours to Tri-County Paving, who use some of the shingles to make asphalt roadways. Did you know that you may be driving on someone’s recycled roof?

Approximately 1 ton of shingles can recapture the equivalent of about 2 barrels of oil. When shingles are recycled rather than landfilled, we conserve landfill growth, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, reuse previously mined aggregate, offer better private roads and parking lots, create new jobs, and generate revenue. Companies such as Strander Roofing & Seamless Gutters LLC are doing our part to reduce landfill waste, as well as boosting the state’s economy and protecting our environment.


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