If you’re planning to get a new roof in Madison, WI, there are plenty of options to choose from. This blog lists three of the most common choices for homeowners. Read on to learn how they differ from each other and their advantages and disadvantages.


Many US homeowners prefer shingles because they’re easy to install and visually appealing. This roofing material has plenty of subtypes, including asphalt, wood, and slate. Asphalt shingles are the most popular among the three since they’re inexpensive and highly durable. They can last for many years, as long as they’re well-maintained. They also come in different colors, so it’s easy to pick a shade that will complement the house’s exterior.

Wood shingles are commonly brown or reddish-orange, which is advantageous for homeowners who want to make their house look rustic. These materials are durable, too, but they’re not completely invincible. So, it’s still necessary to request roof repair in Madison, WI, to get them fixed immediately.

The last subtype is slate. This material is extremely tough since it’s created using sedimentary rocks. Different weather conditions, like rain showers, hailstorms, and strong winds, won’t damage it. It’s also waterproof and highly fire-resistant.

Clay Tiles

One of the oldest types of roofing materials, clay tiles are known for their hardness, which makes them resilient to scratches and dents. They won’t get cracked or broken even when hit by tree branches or hailstones. But aside from their durability, they also offer a unique aesthetic appeal. They can give any house a rustic or vintage vibe primarily because of their orange or reddish-brown color. However, the material is pretty heavy and difficult to install since it’s made of clay.


This is another durable roofing option for US homes. This material is bound to last for many years, even with minimal maintenance. It’s also waterproof and highly resistant to fire. Depending on the type of metal, it is resilient against scratches and dents, as well.

Metal roofs come in various shapes, such as tiled, corrugated, and way. They also come in different colors, so it’s easy to pick one that will look good for your home.

Request Expert Roof Installation

If you want a new roof in Madison, WI, you should only call an expert to install it. Get in touch with Strander Roofing & Seamless Gutters today, and inquire about our services. You can also ask for a quotation to get an idea of how much your new roof will cost.