Gutters seem like one of those things in life that exists just to annoy you. You have to clean them out every year, sometimes multiple times a year, and when there’s a clog it’s always a problem. Next thing you know, you’re getting out the ladder and pulling sticks and leaves off the roof. But gutters actually have a very important purpose. Without them, your home could be seriously damaged. Residential roofing contractors can replace your gutters or your roof whenever there’s a problem. Working gutters are essential if you’re going to keep your home safe from flood and water damage.

When Do You Need Residential Roofing Contractors?

Gutter replacement is a pretty serious business. A free-flowing, high-functioning gutter system and downspouts that work properly are absolutely essential. If your gutters are pulling away from your home, if there are visible signs of wear or visible holes, it’s time to make some calls about gutter installation. Residential roofing contractors can replace or repair our gutter system as needed to give you the drainage and water control you need. The roofing material you choose could decrease your home’s energy needs by as much as 30 percent, which is a significant amount.

Residential roofing contractors know what gutters are all about: they direct and control water away from the foundation of your home. Without gutters, rainwater will fall and pool up around the foundation. This can cause leaks and erosion that may ultimately damage your home’s foundation and weaken the infrastructure of the building. If you need gutter replacement or repair, you can’t afford to wait. Water can begin creating damage after even one rainfall, so don’t let this project fall by the wayside. Find the right gutter and roof repair professionals and keep your home’s foundation safe and protected against water. Just one inch of summer rain can dump almost 1500 gallons of water right onto your roof. Your gutters need to be able to handle every deluge that comes your way.

Building a Better Gutter System

Any home’s gutter system is designed to catch rainwater and guide it toward downspouts. Most homes have at least one downspout, and some have more than one. You’ll usually find the downspout near a corner of the house. The downspouts release the water away from the house, in an area where it won’t cause any damage to the foundation of your home. Gutters keep rainwater from collecting around the base of your home, where it can seep down and cause damage to the foundation. Water is powerful enough to make even concrete crack over time. Once you get a leak in the foundation of your home, you’re looking at potentially extremely expensive damage and extensive repairs. Before it gets to that point, get a gutter replacement or gutter installation as needed to keep your home’s foundation relatively dry and safe.

Good residential roofing contractors know how to install and repair gutters as needed, so the water continues to be guided safely away from the foundation of your home. Looking for commercial and residential roofing companies in your area? This is how you can find professionals who know how to install and repair gutters. Many companies handle both residential and commercial accounts. When you call to schedule a consultation or appointment, make sure you tell the person on the hone what type of property you have. Building a better gutter system begins with finding a quality roofing contractor.