Your roofing system plays an important role in keeping your home safe from harsh weather conditions, like extreme heat, hail, storms, etc. With proper care and maintenance, it can continue to perform its job years down the line. However, the time will come that you will finally need to schedule a roof replacement. Knowing when to do this will save you from encountering major issues in the future.

Roofing Shingles Begin to Curl

Curling shingles are indicators that your roof is weathering away and is due for a replacement. Take note that it can happen in two ways–cupped and clawed. The first one occurs when the edges of your shingles turn upward. The latter kind, on the other hand, happens when the edges stay flat, but the middle starts to furl. Moreover, experts claim that depending on the state of the curl, you can expect your system to only last for another 1-5 years.

Broken or Damaged Flashing

Moisture in your roofing can lead to insulation problems. Flashing prevents this from happening by keeping liquids from entering the joints of your system. Once this component gets damaged or starts to degrade, call a professional immediately. This could be an indicator that your home needs a new roof.

Roofing System Begins to Sag

A sagging system is an indicator that water has gotten into your roof. You can check if you have this problem by gently prodding on its surface. If you notice soft spots, have a professional assess whether it’s time to purchase new roofing for your home.

Have Your Roofing in Madison, WI Replaced by a Trusted Company

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