Metal roofs are popular among US houses because of their durability. Usually, they can last for many years, even with minimal maintenance, which helps homeowners save a lot of money. But, even though they are extremely tough, they are not entirely immune to damage. When they get broken due to unforeseen circumstances, homeowners have no choice but to get a metal roof replacement in Wisconsin.

This blog lists the most common problems experienced by people who use metal roofs. Read on to learn how these issues can be solved.


Leaks are among the common issues faced by those who need a metal roof installation in Wisconsin. This problem often occurs during heavy rains or snowfall, when water seeps through the tiny crevices along each metal panel. When this happens, the huge amount of moisture can cause decay to the wooden frames of the roof and the house’s ceiling. Immediate action is needed to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Homeowners who experience this issue should contact a roofing contractor right away. Experts can check if the metal sheets are fastened properly to ensure that water will not seep through the tiny spaces in between them.


There are three types of corrosion that can happen to metal roofs. The first one is called “underside corrosion.” This occurs when the bottom part of the sheet is not coated properly, so it gets rusty when exposed to moisture. The second type is called “saltwater corrosion,” which is a result of high levels of salt present in the air. This problem is more common among houses on coastlines and in the beach area.

The third type, “galvanized corrosion,” happens when two different kinds of metals come into contact with each other. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that the panels purchased are made of the same material.

Oil Canning

Sometimes referred to as “stress wrinkles,” oil canning is characterized by wavy distortions in what should be flat and even panel surfaces. It occurs when too much pressure is applied during the installation process, and it happens to nearly all types of metal roofs, like copper, stainless steel, and zinc. While oil canning does not affect the overall integrity of the roof, homeowners choose to get it fixed because it does not look too good from the outside.

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