Debris in the gutter causes a lot of problems for homeowners. When not removed immediately, it can cause clogs that will become a huge concern when the rainy season comes. Read on to learn what these most common types of debris are.

Leaves and Wood Chunks

Leaves causing clogs in the gutter is a common problem, especially for those who live in neighborhoods with a lot of trees. There is no easy solution to this problem except to get rid of the leaves regularly. Aside from that, homeowners can also hire professionals to trim the branches hanging near their roofs.

Wood chunks, twigs, and small branches can also cause clogs. They usually fall on the roof and slide down during rainy or windy days. Since they are much heavier than leaves, they are harder to remove. To get rid of them, request gutter cleaning services from professionals.


Sand, soil, and other tiny particles can accumulate in the gutter and cause buildups. They are difficult to remove because they are not easy to spot unless you regularly climb up your roof. Usually, they have already caused problems before they are discovered. A gutter that is filled with silt gets heavy and it will only be a matter of time before it gets damaged, unless the buildup is eliminated. That is why it is crucial to call a gutter cleaning expert immediately.

Animal Nests

Birds, mice, squirrels, and other tiny animals sometimes build their nests in the gutter. It is easy for these critters to gather leaves and twigs nearby to make these nests. They should be removed to prevent them from causing clogs or damage.

Homeowners should not remove them on their own, though. Doing so might be harmful for them and the animals living in there. It is best to call a professional for assistance.

Small Toys

Homeowners with kids sometimes experience getting their gutter clogged by small toys. The most common items are tennis balls, shuttlecocks, Frisbee discs, and baseballs.

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